MScIS Sara Hofmann

Location: Brisbane

Arrival: Jan 9th 2012

Departure: Feb 24th 2012

Sara Hofmann

Mission statement

  • Organise and carry out a survey among e-Government decision makers in New Zealand, Australia and Germany.
  • Enhance the course recognition and student exchange between QUT and WWU Münster.
  • Develop an understanding of channel selection by customers in the public sector.
  • Work on publications together with Ralf Plattfaut (Münster) and Thomas Kohlborn (Brisbane)

Research results

Application for short term student mobility

In order to enhance the student exchange between QUT and the WWU Münster, I met with several contact persons responsible for the international exchange here in Brisbane. We discussed different options on how to make an exchange semester more attractive especially for Australian students coming to Münster. As a first step, we will organise an ERCIS Summer School in Münster in the month of July. Students participating in the Summer School will actively participate in the NSS project, as well as attend a programme of focused lectures, industry workshops and a seminar. In addition, other researchers and students from institutions within the ERCIS network will be invited over to Münster as well. It is intended that the Summer School in Münster lays the foundation for an enhanced student exchange between QUT and the WWU Münster and increases the attractiveness for QUT students to study in Germany. Therefore, we finalised and submitted an application for short term student mobility grant, which would fund four Australian students.