Ralf Plattfaut

Location: Brisbane

Arrival: Feb 20th 2012

Departure: Apr 6th 2012

Ralf Plattfaut

Mission statement

  • Continue the work of the colleagues on digital public goods in the service sector.
  • Develop an understanding of channel selection by customers in the public sector.
  • Work on publications together with Sara Hofmann (Münster) and Thomas Kohlborn (Brisbane).

Research results

The main research result of my journy was a joint manuscript with several collegues from Münster and Thomas Kohlborn. We could generate some knowledge on e-government service channel selection. This work was published at the HICSS 2013.

Unravelling E-Government Channel Selection: A Quantitative Analysis of Individual Customer Preferences in Germany and Australia

The purpose of this study is to identify the impact of individual differences on service channel selection for e-government services. In a comparative survey of citizens in Germany and Australia (n=1205), we investigate the impact of age, gender, and mobility issues on the selection of personal or mobile communication as channels for service consumption. The results suggest that Australians are more likely to want to use new technology-oriented channels as internet or mobile while Germans tend to use classical channels as telephone or in person. Implications for practice and issues for future research are discussed.


Leaving Brisbane
published on 04/16/2012 - 17:04

I have now left Brisbane. All in all, it was really great. I could meet interesting people from all over the world and learn a lot. Moreover, we could conduct joint research and plan further research in the future.

First regular working week
published on 02/27/2012 - 04:58

Cheers everyone,

today started my first week of regular work at QUT. Last week's Thursday and Friday consisted of a lot of jet-lagged talking and introducing but was fun anyway. I was happy to be able to speak to Peter Trkman before he left for Ljubljana on Friday. We had a nice discussion on BPM and Dynamic Capabilities, especially in the service sector. It is interesting to see how people from Europe meet in the other end of the world.

Now I am back in my regular work schedule preparing the next NSS-publication with Sara and Thomas. However, I still have to figure out some computer issues - SPSS is not in the mood of running smoothly :(.



Arrival in Brisbane
published on 02/24/2012 - 01:35

Hey folks,

yesterday I arrived in Brisbane. After a short ride from the airport to our flat I was delighted to meet Sara who prepared everything for me and now passes the baton to me. Although I was pretty much jetlagged I joined her and presented myself to QUT's BPM group. During the day I tried to stay awake and listen to a presentation by Jan Mendling on Textual Analysis of Activity Labels of Business Process Models.

Nevertheless, it was a short day for me and I was happy to be able to sleep quite early.