Dipl.-Wirt. Inform. Matthias Voigt

Location: Brisbane

Arrival: Sep 19th 2011

Departure: Nov 7th 2011

Matthias Voigt

Mission statement

My NSS goals for my QUT BPM Group visit:

  • Prepare a draft project proposal for the ARC Linkage scheme o for a future collaborative QUT-Münster project
  • Capture the idea of Capitalization on Digital Public Assets for publication
  • Support planning, conducting and analyzing our QUT-Münster survey on collaborative service science topics
  • Engage in teaching at QUT BPM Group by mentoring the project management student seminar
  • Advance collaborative research on BPM and creativity
  • Foster the visibility of our shared NSS activities

Research results

It’s incredible how time passed by, here at QUT BPM Group. Today is my last working day. So, time to do a résumé of my achievements and experiences:

One of my NSS goals was to prepare a draft project proposal for an ARC linkage scheme. This goal was strongly related with my second goal, which was to capture the idea of Capitalization on Digital Public Assets in a scientific publication. Actually, the publication should resume intellectual property build up for that topic and identify open research topics to be addressed in the research project. Having a closer look at the Capitalization of Digital Public Assets with Michael Rosemann (QUT BPM Group), Andrea Malsbender (University of Münster) and Daniel Beverungen (University of Münster), we realized that it will provide for a whole research program, rather than a clearly focused research project. Finally two, more specific sub-topics emerged: firstly, Social Intelligence is the approach to analyze aggregated data collected from social media platforms (SMP) to fulfill information needs of marketing in organizations. As such, we transfer the idea of Business Intelligence to the data context of social media. For an upcoming IS conference, we aim to develop a conceptual data model for the different types of social data available on social media platforms, and identify opportunities of this data fulfilling marketing information needs. Mathias Eggert, a colleague of mine who is now next in line for the NSS project, will be working on the topic for the next couple of weeks here at QUT. Secondly, we develop an approach of social signal processing (SSP).  Social signals of consumers on SMPs are processed to possibly identify life events (upcoming travelling, the need for a taxi, birthday, car accident), which may allow to engage with consumers to provide services. We will specify our approach in another conference publication.

Another goal of my stay was to support the planning and conducting of a collaborative survey on the topic of service science. The current work of Thomas Kohlborn (QUT BPM Group) provided an excellent opportunity. Thomas is currently collaborating with the Queensland Government to apply service bundling methods and assess the quality of the services generated with this method. He had already made preparatory steps for the evaluation. The survey will now be conducted in a collaborative effort between QUT and Münster in the context of NSS. By that, we will be given the opportunity to gain insights in quality assessment of service bundling, based on an empirical study involving about 300 participants. The findings will be presented in a collaborative journal publication.

To engage in the teaching at QUT was another goal of my QUT BPM Group visit. Michael gave me the opportunity to assist in supervising a student seminar. The goal of the seminar was to develop a scenario of “The Future Air Travel Experience”. The group of five students brainstormed on ideas on how travelling could look like in the future, considering IT trends of social media, mobile applications and infrastructure technologies. These ideas were then concretized in a comprehensive idea portfolio. I liked to work with those students, given a very productive and positive working atmosphere. The students did a good job in presenting their final project results in a student trade show, together with a couple of other projects. Thank you guys for that experience!
Moreover I was also given the opportunity to work on my core phd topic, which is the IT support of creative business processes. I had the opportunity to meet with Tanya Nitins, Lecturer at the QUT Creative Industry Faculty. We had an interesting talk on project management for entertainment projects and I’m more than happy to work with here on that topic for a future journal publication.

I hope that I could work as an ambassador for NSS here at QUT BPM Group. I hope this blog and our future publication with contribute to the visibility of our project.

Last but not least, I would like to thank all BPM QUT staff for their support during my stay! Especially Michael Rosemann and Arthur ter Hofstede (QUT BPM Group) had been inspiratory mentors for me, and gave me the opportunity to both work on innovative topics and see the “world” of IS and CS from a new angle.


Getting things rolling
published on 09/30/2011 - 04:53

Things are going well at QUT. Yesterday I had a presentation on my PhD-topic at the QUT BPM seminar. I got some very valuable input from the audience. Arthur ter Hofstede (QUT BPM Group) brought in a very interesting workflow perspective on the issue of process support for groups working creatively. He pointed me to very interesting related work in that context. Moreover I realized that some portions of our architecture for systems supporting creativity-intensive processes (CPSS) have been unintentionally informed by our experiences in the TV industry. Taking other perspectives than that of project management could be very valuable for extending the architecture.

Considering the service science part, I caught up with the work of Thomas Kohlborn (QUT BPM Group), Andrea Malsbender (University of Münster) and Daniel Beverungen (University of Münster) on DSS and Recommender systems for service bundling. We are now also planning to extend a study on service bundling quality in Queensland Government. I think this is a very appropriate use of resources we have available in NSS to conduct collaborative quantitative studies.

My idea of the new area of capitalization on Digital Public Assets is getting ever more concrete. I had the opportunity having several talks with Michael Rosemann on his vision on that topic. Moreover I was involved in team meetings discussing that topic as being part of future endeavors of the CRC Smart Services project. I’m in progress of writing up aspects of that idea for our QUT-Münster research proposal for the ARC Linkage scheme.

In all, topics are advancing. I’m also happy to catch-up with the Italian community here. A portion of Italian talking is chicken soup for the soul.

My first days at QUT BPM Group
published on 09/26/2011 - 06:06

After a long travelling from Munich to Brisbane, I finally arrived at QUT BPM Group last Thursday (2011-09-20). I already got introduced to a large part of the QUT staff. On the photo you see Jessica Robinson (QUT BPM Group) and Arthur ter Hofstede (QUT BPM Group) and me. (Arthur insisted to have an extra one with the YAWL logo in the back). The “manpower” and research topics covered here are really impressive.

Unfortunately, my first days have been the last for Andrea Malsbender's (University of Münster) at QUT. So we used them for a handover of all activities. With Michael Rosemann (QUT BPM Group) we discussed on how the work of Andrea Malsbender  should be followed up in a new project proposal, giving way to sustainable research cooperation of QUT and Münster.

We already had some interesting talks on a possible subject of the project (Digital Public Assets) and an appropriate funding scheme (ARC Linkage). I worked with Andrea on structuring our project ideas and I think we will be able to come up with a first white paper on that soon. To assure continuation in teaching, I will mentor a student team in a seminar in project management.

Moreover, I continuously discover new parts of the roots of Stefan Seidel’s (University of Liechtenstein) work on BPM and creativity here at QUT – both with QUT BPM Group staff and the Creative Industry (e.g. ARC Center of Excellence for Creative Industries) part. I’m really looking forward to building on that and “revitalize” this field of research. I already had a nice talk with Arthur ter Hofstede on my phd topic, i.e. IS for the support business processes involving creativity. I’m very much looking forward to more input on that, maybe relating to research on workflow. This Thursday I will present my PhD topic at QUT BPM seminar to all QUT BPM Group members. This could be a good kick-off for our collaboration.

Oh, and not to forget the “Gebrannte Mandeln” from Oktoberfest in Munich which I brought here to QUT. The people seem to like it, so I’m happy that I brought enough of it. For some Brisbane impressions, see the photos that I took while I was exploring the town.