Dr. Martin Matzner

Location: Ulsan, Korea

Arrival: Aug 15th 2013

Departure: Sep 11th 2013

Dr. Martin Matzner
Research Visit

Mission statement

  • To intensify joint research on Business Process Mining in the service domain by UNIST and WWU.
  • To propel joint teaching activities of UNIST and WWU.
  • To network individual researchers at UNIST and WWU.

Research results

  A. Joint research on Business Process Mining  

Together with Prof. Minseok Song, I analyzed the applicability of analytical business process management approaches in the service domain. We focused our efforts on Business Process Mining techniques for the identification of organizational routines in particularly. This work comprised of two phases: case study and manuscript preparation.

  1. Case Study
    A local hospital in Ulsan provided us with empirical process log data in order to develop and test our ideas for tailored-to-fit analytics for the service domain. In the hospital, managers observed great variety in the time their patients need to spend for ambulant treatment, which could not fully be explained by the duration of the actual treatment through the doctors. The managers supposed that the root cause of this problem could be due to the several different ways in which the administrative tasks that surround the treatment were organized internally. Together with Prof. Song, I therefore applied methods and tools from the domain of Business Process Mining in order to improve the service experience of the patients and to help the hospital becoming more efficient. Process Mining is concerned with computing event data that is stored in the log files of the different information systems in the hospital in order to discover and improve processes.

  2. Preparing a manuscript
    We started with the preparation of publication manuscript that renders our findings from the case study and that draws general implications for the service science field.

B. Joint teaching activities

In order to further improve the further strengthen the collaboration of the two institutions in teaching I executed three specific activities. 

  1. Joint Virtual ERCIS seminar
    I advertised the joint Virtual ERCIS seminar among UNIST students. The intention of this course was to broaden the perspective on Business Process Management education while considering aspects such as strategy, governance, culture, and people. The students did so by working in a real life international project. The seminar’s tasks included ad-hoc group building and its outcomes led to scientific publications.
  2. Preparing ingoing student exchange to Münster
    Bachelor's and Master's Degree Programs at WWU were explained to the UNIST students. We're happy to announce that in response the first students joined the exchange program and will stay for a semester at WWU in winter term 2014.
  3. Supporting WWU exchange students at UNIST
    My stay included meeting with WWU exchange students in UNIST so that I could acquire their experiences and ideas for improving the exchange program at first hand.
C. Matchmaking among group members

Fit in research interests and research project topics between UNIST's and WWU's IS researchers goes beyond the topic of service science. Along my stay, I also took care to bring together several individuals that work in related areas or that address similar research problems.