Dr. Martin Matzner

Location: Ulsan, Korea

Arrival: Nov 25th 2014

Departure: Dec 12th 2014

Dr. Martin Matzner

Mission statement

The goal of my visit to UNIST was:

  • To collaborate in research at the intersection of the academic fields of “Service Science Management and Engineering” and “Business Process Mining” and 
  • To create structures for the NSS follow-up project “Rise BPM”.

Research results

During my stay, I worked in close collaboration with Minseok Song who is an associate professor at the school of Technology Management of UNIST (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology) and who currently holds the position of the university's CIO.

The core activities undertaken and the key results achieved relate to the two objectives of my visit.

1) Collaboration in research: The Networked Service Society aims to strengthen a research focus that is concerned with the development of models, methods, and software tools that are of immediate utility for enterprises of the service economy. The researchers from the research field of business process management (BPM) have been first moving contributors to this research stream. Prof. Song is a well-renown researcher and an entrepreneur in the field of process mining, a rather new research topic within BPM. To this end, our joint work was confessed with the identification of common grounds between current service research topics and developments and the opportunities extended by process mining. This work is expected to result in a joint journal paper publication, and we have started to work on that publication already.

2) Preparation of project structures: While staying at UNIST, I had various formal and informal talks to the faculty members many of which were concerned with the planning of future research visits in the context of the “Rise BPM” project. I learned about the individuals' research interests and current projects in order to facilitate match-making between the project partners and their staff members. We further had discussions on opportunities for complementary funding through Korean authorities, and I assisted in the preparation of such a proposal.