Dr. Armin Stein

Location: Ulsan

Arrival: Jul 26th 2014

Departure: Aug 6th 2014

Dr. Armin Stein
Administrative stay

Mission statement

  • To discuss the prolonging of the collaboration beyond the project runtime
  • To discuss closer collaboration in the realm of the ERCIS network
  • To discuss the possibility of tighter student exchange collaborations
  • To connect researchers from the network woth researchers from UNIST

Research results

During my stay at UNIST together with Daniel, we were discussing the success and the future of our joint student exchange. It appears to be fruitful to both sides. The students have opportunities to stay at the other University for one semester or to join the virtual seminar (http://virtual-seminar.ercis.org), offered by the headquarters of the ERCIS network. Both offerings were very well evaluated and will be offered during the upcoming semesters.

The exchange opportunities were presented by me during a talk with both, undergraduate and graduate students - see the news section fpor an impression!

Furthermore we discussed means to deepen the collaboration on various topics within the ERCIS network - not just with the HQ in Münster. Also, the EU project proposal RISE_BPM has been discussed in more details. With this, the collaboration will be possible independently from the NSS runtime.