Dr. Armin Stein

Location: Brisbane, Australia/
Hamilton, New Zealand

Arrival: Dec 1st 2014

Departure: Dec 18th 2014

Dr. Armin Stein
Administrative Visit

Mission statement

  • To finalise the project with our partners in Brisbane
  • To finalise the project with our partners in Hamilton
  • To discuss the future collaboration in the realm of
    • RISE_BPM
    • ERCIS
    • the three pillars Research, Education, and Industrial Projects
  • To identify additional funding opportunities to further strengthen the collaboration

Research results

Research was not the key motivator for my visit - that was the work of others. During my stay, I talked to the stakeholders at the QUT, Michael Rosemann and Leonard Fitzgerald, about the overall impression of the project from their perspective and the future of the collaboration. Not really surprisingly, we will continue with our close collaboration and even enforce it. The first step has been made, as Elena already wrote, by getting the RISE_BPM grant from the European Commission, a proposal that was developed in the realm of the NSS project! With this, the future exchange of researchers is secured at least for the next four years.

During the two Information Systems conferences ACIS and ICIS I had the opportunity to talk to other Australasian universities and build up additional connections, that we will hopefully incorporate into our network in the future.

The final trip to Hamilton in New Zealand will conclude the project from their perspective. Here, we will also finalize the Degree Programme that has been developed between the IS Department in Münster and the University of Waikato.