During the last 6 weeks my colleauges and me worked on the preparation of an ECIS (European Conference on Information Systems) submission. Right before the submission deadline we submitted a paper about our jointly developed idea of social BI and Social CRM. The skyrocketing trend for social media on the Internet greatly alters Customer Relationship Management (CRM), denoting the management of all data about customers in order to leverage sales of physical goods or services. Against this backdrop, the purpose of the paper is to advance the conceptual design of data warehouses so as to structure and process data identified on external social networks also. This is done by developing an integrated social network data model based on an in-depth analysis of Facebook. This data model can inform the design of data warehouses in order to complement traditional CRM analyses with the data identified from social network sites, leading to a more consistent and richer picture of customers’ characteristics, needs, wants, and demands. Four major contributions are offered. First, essential characteristics of Social BI as an emerging research phenomenon are discussed. Second, an integrated conceptual data model for combining social networks and CRM is developed. Third, the potential of Social CRM is demonstrated from a management reporting perspective. Fourth, some upcoming intellectual challenges for advancing Social BI solutions are offered in order to stimulate and structure future research.