Dipl.-Wirt. Inform. Andrea Malsbender

Location: Brisbane

Arrival: Oct 8th 2013

Departure: Dec 17th 2013

Andrea Malsbender

Mission statement

  • Joint research with local QUT staff in the context of the NSS project
  • Further elaboration of cooperation continuation opportunities

Research results

  • Arrival on the 8th of October

On the 8th of October I arrived at the QUT. After receiving all necessary access documents I was able to meet a couple of people that I have already met the last time I have been in Brisbane this year. Hence, I was able to have some chats regarding the purpose of my second stay as well as about the ongoing reserach and some results.

  • Attending the PhD - Final Seminar Ayed Alwadain on the 10th of october

On the 10th of October I attended the final seminar of Ayed Aldawadein who is one of the PhDs at QUT. As I am planning to finish my PhD next year too, I could get some insights on the international PhD education which will be one part of the further arrangements between the QUT and the WWU as an outcome of the project NSS.

  • Discussing the next steps for my stay on the 11th of october

During an appointment with Jan Recker and Thomas Kohlborn we were able to focus on the upcoming publication strategy. Thereby, based on our proposed model of our ICIS publication the next relevant steps could be stipulated:

  1. Rollout of the survey to the idea owners who presented innovative ideas in the enterprise social network yammer. Thereby, these users were asked to indicate which stage of progress the presented idea had reached after posting it on Yammer. We agreed on the content of the questionair (hence, on the questions itself) and on the timeline of the survey.
  2. Conducting statistical analyses of the available data. Preparing all relevant data for statistics. Collaboratively conducting different analyses to confirm our proposed research model.
  • Data Analysis during the first three weeks

The main goal of the first weeks was the finalization of the data analyses. As the survey was rolled out and as we received responses to 23 ideas (out of 64) the whole data was provided for the further analyses. As statistical analyses is somehow try and error :) a plenty of tests could be conducted.

  • Presenting the ICIS RIP Paper in a special seminar for all accepted ICIS papers at the QUT

The QUT school organized a Pre-ICIS presentation where each accepted paper co-authored by a QUT member was presented. Thereby, we had the chance to get some early feedback on the RIP paper thet we were able to contribute to the conference. Furthermore, as it was a wide range of different reserach streams some insights into other successful publications were given too. 

The feedback on our research model on the impact of user characteristics, content characteristics, and content flow on the progress of innovative ideas was really helpful and will be included in the further analysis of this project.

  • BPM Retreat (31.10.-01.11.2013)

Regarding the second mission goal to further elaborate the opportunities of cooperation continuation I was invited to the yearly conducted BPM retreat. Within this retreat the whole BPM group of the information systems school went to a lodge at Binaburra in the Hinterland of the Gold Coast. The goal of this retreat was both to recap on the success of the last year (publications, collaborations etc.) as well as to define the relevant goals and steps to achieve these goals of the upcoming year 2014.

One major finding of this retreat was that highly classified PhD students are needed and the BPM group should rely on the connections to other partner universities to reach and aquire these students. This finding completely fits in our strategy for continuously collaborating with the school as we are able to provide the needed network connections as well as we are interested in providing an environment for a joint PhD education. Hence, within this retreat I was able to explain the possibilities of the provided network and was able to present some lessons learned from our PhD education strategy.

  • ACIS conference in Melbourne (04.-06.12.2013)
  • Final Data Analysis
  • Preperation of study findings for journal publication