Workshop on the Global Networked Service Society at ACIS 2010
published on Tuesday, October 5th 2010

Our workshop proposal “Weaving the Global Networked Service Society – IS for Professionalization, Digitalization and Sustainability” has been accepted at the Australasian Conference on Information Systems (ACIS) to be held in Brisbane on December 01st-03rd 2010. Our workshop will take place one day ahead of the conference on November 30th. The overall objective of the workshop will be to jointly set a research agenda for advancing our cooperative research with regards to the networked service society. To reach this objective, we will host two sessions (90 minutes each) at the workshop, which have been set up according to the Improved Nominal Group Technique (INGT) approach. We wish to encourage additional participants to join the workshop and benefit from lively discussions on researching the “hot” service science topic. Information about the ACIS can be found at: