NSS Paper accepted for publicaion at ICIS conference (Shanghai, China)
published on Tuesday, July 26th 2011

The paper "Mapping the Emerging Field of Service Science: Insights from a Citation and Cocitation Network Analysis" has been accepted for publication at the 32nd International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS). Taking place in Shanghai from December 4th-7th, the conference will be held in the Asian-Pacific region this year. ICIS is the world-leading IS conference and consitutes the world-wide number one forum for presenting and discussing IS research topics.

The pupose of the study handed in to the conference is to map the recent literature in the emerging research discipline of service science management and engineering (SSME). Previous research in this area has focused on descriptive literature reviews but has refrained from applying bibliographic analysis approaches. After designing the software tool Citebridge, we build a citation network and a cocitation network based on 3,783 articles and 6,775 citations. Subsequently, both networks are analyzed (a) to map the overall structure and interdependencies of recent contributions to the service science discipline, (b) to identify the most authoritative papers authored between January 2004 and March 2011, (c) to identify clusters of research in the discipline, and (d) to explore if the service dominant logic of marketing constitutes an overarching philosophical foundation for service research. The findings are intended to provide researchers with a sound orientation about the recent developments in the field and to further shape the evolution of service science as a research discipline.