NSS Meeting at Pacis Conference in Korea
published on Saturday, June 22nd 2013

In the course of the 17th PACIS which was held in Jeju Island, Korea from June 18th to 22nd 2013, a project meeting of the NSS team was conducted. In the meeting, further potentials for joint research, joint education, and joint industry projects were discussed with Prof. Minseok Song (UNIST, Ulsan). The meeting, therefore, served to prepare the research visits of Minseok Song and Wooje Cho to Muenster in July 2013, as well as the research visit of Martin Matzner to Ulsan in August 2013.

Apart from the NSS meeting, the ERCIS team presented four regular research papers and one research poster at the conference. During the presentations, follow-up discussions, and social events with the delegates attending the conference, interesting research vistas in the area of Social Networks, IT Consumerization, and Process Modeling were identified.