Improving a hospital's processes in Korea with business process mining
published on Friday, September 6th 2013

Managers at a hospital in Ulsan, Republic of Korea, were surprised to observe great variety in the time their patients need to spend for ambulant treatment, because it could not fully be explained by the duration of the actual treatment through the doctors. The managers supposed that the root cause of this problem could be due to the several different ways in which the administrative tasks that surround the treatment were organized internally.

In an attempt to mere the managers' understanding and to finally improve the hospital's operational efficiency, Prof. Minseok Song, PhD, from the School of Technology Management of ERCIS member University UNIST in Ulsan cooperates with ERCIS researcher Dr. Martin Matzner from Münster, and Dr. Matzner therefore spends a research visit in August and September 2013 at UNIST in the context of the NSS project. The approach of the researchers: they want to apply methods and tools from the domain of Business Process Mining in order to improve the service experience of the patients and to help the hospital becoming more efficient. Process Mining is concerned with computing event data which is stored in the log files of the different information systems in the hospital in order to discover and improve processes. The picture is taken at a presentation to the faculty members of the Technology Management School.